The design of the Hantle MCDU Cash Dispenser is based not only from our years of experience working with and designing dispensers, but also the feedback of our customers and service providers. From this we have created a dispenser with superior features while retaining the reliability you’ve enjoyed from legacy Hantle machines.

The construction of the MCDU is solid and built to last. By using cogged belts and rollers we’ve eliminated the chance of slippage, while greatly reducing the chance of breakage.

By using multiple motors to drive the notes through the bill path, the MCDU uses its logic to stop the notes at first sign of a jam or blockage. By doing this we eliminate the condition of a bunch of notes bundled up in the belts.

If a note jam or blockage does occur the MCDU will reverse its motors and feed back any notes already in the bill path. This means no worries that notes caught in the dispenser will be ejected when it initializes (even when using remote initialization).

Taking another lesson from our legacy equipment, we’ve designed the exit path of this dispenser to be “bounce-back” proof. No more out of service conditions because customers put their hands in the cash tray. Even with your hand placed over the mouth of the dispenser, the MCDU will dispense all notes.

With a per cassette capacity of 1700 notes, the MCDU uses an “intelligent” cassette, which contains its own motor and logic. With this, control of dispenses are handled electronically, rather than from a single spinning gear, allowing precise control. This cassette can also be programmed to control denomination, increasing the security.